Aural Stimulation Enhances Orgasms

aural stimulation enhances orgasms

Language is more than words. It conveys symbols and emotions that we feel deep down. By choosing the right words, it can lead to big and meaningful orgasms. According to Women’s Health, women get turned on more from sexually explicit phrases compared with sensual touches. There is something about aural stimulation that makes a person sexually excited.

Aural Stimulation Enhances Orgasms

Aural stimulation from music, moaning and groaning, heavy breathing and dirty talks are shown to enhance orgasms. But why is that? The sound is said to be the most important element in furthering a person’s orgasmic experience and in making our sex life better. In fact, sound is the missing link from achieving a full orgasm. Even with a simple aural stimulation, anyone can achieve sexual satisfaction.

There are different forms of aural stimulation. Probably the most common is dirty talking. Couples in a long distance love affair usually ends up getting off through phone sexual rendezvous. But for single guys or girls who want to cap their night off with steamy conversations, there are phone sex companies that provide phone sex services.

Erotic audios also present the same auditory titillation. Since visual porn makes us less sensitive and sexually excited over time, some people prefer indulging at erotic audios of sex sounds. You can listen to it at anytime of the day, even while having phone sex with your partner. What’s more is that the experience is kind of relaxing. You just have to lay your back and paint on your mind the things that the audio is describing.

As per the Daily Mail Online, music can give us orgasms. But before you get so intrigued, it is not the kind of orgasm that you’d expect. A team of scientists studied the phenomenon called as skin orgasms. These happen when we feel so moved by the music we listen to. Such occurrence is described with “ a feeling of pleasure so intense it can be felt all over our body.” Sometimes, skin orgasms result to shuddering, sweating and arousal — the same thing that happens to our body before and after we have sex.

Moaning, groaning and heavy breathing are also factors that propel us to reach sexual climax. We get aroused by it simply because we know that our partner is enjoying what we are doing. However, don’t be fooled by those noises as your partner may be pretending for an orgasm.