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21C Sirens: Sexy Soulful Sounds

Artists are exploiting the music language to convey messages that transcend across boundaries. Basically, they use music as a medium to seduce, amaze, surprise and entertain their audience. For instance, pop music speaks to the souls of the young, encouraging and enticing them with the sexy bass riffs and vocal harmonies. It produces not only slinky tones, but sexy soulful sounds.

21C Sirens: Sexy Soulful Sounds

Pop music had its origins from the Victorian Age. Over the years, various artists had shaped the music genre until it became the sexy soulful sounds we know today. Aside from being noted as the sounds like the music escorts listen to, pop music has an ingrained emotion to it and is innately stimulating. The genre is also comprised of traces of rap and hip-hop influences, as well as nostalgic elements.

The 21C sirens are also known to contain the millennial whoop. You may be familiar with the feeling that most of the pop songs today sound a hell lot like each other. That’s the whoop we are talking about. These oohs and aahs pretty much make the song seat deeply in our head.

According to USA Today, the prevalence of the millennial whoop does not remove the soulfulness and sultriness of the pop music we are accustomed to. In fact, the pattern and the similitude of the melodies are a staple of the genre. This is also the reason why pop music has become successful.

Pop Music Speaks for Itself

Probably one of the most distinguished and eminent pop artists of all time is Adele. Her music has so much emotion that it touches our hearts. In an interview, Adele said that the sexy soulful sounds she makes are intended for the ears. It just happens that her music cuts across our faculties and senses.

But the ever growing popularity of pop music has presented an issue. It is now turning to be the “beat of capitalism.” The once intended to engulf our aches and weariness is now blasted in shops, malls and cafés. Could it be that pop music is losing its spiritual and libidinal energy that artists direct to their audience?

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The Joys of Good Hotels During Music Festivals

Music festivals are there for a reason. They provide the music-hungry with enough time to lose themselves in a sea of sweaty music lovers to the tune of popular songs. It is a venue to be wild and crazy about music and everything else. Since music festivals usually take more than a day to complete, then it should also be a moment to be wild about excellent hotels, complete with good restaurants or a pub.

Hotels and the Convenience They Bring

After the bone-breaking activity of squeezing yourself amongst the sea of rowdy crowd, you would want to end your day in comfort and convenience. Good hotels offer clean sheets complete with air-conditioning or heating system that will definitely lull you to sleep and jump-kick your next day for another awesome adventure at the music festivity.

Forget tents and forego the chances of having this type of feeble accommodation from getting crumbled during an unexpected downpour or storm. In hotels, you are always protected from unwanted weather disturbance. And if the outside environment is not pleasant enough for another day for music craziness, then you can just amuse yourself in the many leisure activities available in the hotel.

Look for a good hotel that are situated within the vicinity of the festival and choose those that allow advance bookings. This does need proper planning in advance, but the result will be worthwhile. You will enjoy the comfort of accommodation while taking part in the action that the music festival brings.

Hotel Restaurants and Pub

Most hotels also tie up good restaurants with their business establishment. This is essential in helping you enjoy good food while taking part in the music festival. After waking up in comfort, you will no longer need to scour the nearby places for something good to eat. Hotels provide top-notch restaurants. Most of them even offer free buffet breakfast for those who book their rooms.

Being in a music festival should not stop you from devouring fantastic cuisines. If you enjoy your food, you will be encouraged to eat more. This is important so you will have ample energy to tackle the wild activity that will transpire throughout the duration of the festival.

A pub is also an important establishment that can be found within a hotel’s vicinity. Pubs offer the music-goer a homey and calm environment to temporarily unwind and relax from the music-related commotion. A soothing drink can make a huge difference in your music festival memory. The pub can be part of the hotel where you are staying, for convenience, or you can hunt for good pubs nearby.

Privacy and Security

Hotels also offer the essential need to feel secure for you and your valuables. Unlike staying in tents where you are always on the lookout for the possibility of being robbed off of your valuables, a hotel is designed and obliged to provide safety and security to their guests and their belongings.

You can leave your luggage and other valuables in your room, locked from unwanted intruders. You can even leave them at the front desk, if you really want to make sure that they are extremely safe. Having your own room, away from the crowd will also provide convenience in taking a bath, or privacy when you change your clothes or answer an important call, etc.

Staying in a hotel during music festival is a good decision because then you would have solved your primary concerns from shelter, food, water, and privacy. Getting that out of the way will leave you worry-free which will give you the freedom to focus your energy on truly enjoying the music festival. Rock on!

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How To Manage Music Festival Organizing Business

The music industry is made up of different participants. Too many people think that the musicians are the only participants in the industry of music. On the contrary, more participants make up the entire industry. Other than the producers, there are the organizers, who help to make the music festivals happen. As a music festival organizer, you will be needed to ensure that all the necessary factors are put into consideration for the festival to happen.

The role of a music festival organizer in the music industry

According to research, a lot of musicians are more paid through music concerts or festivals, than from their album sales. A music festival organizer is a person who makes the event successful. From the lights, to the PA, to the stage, and the entire theme of the festival, the organizer is the one who is responsible. They ensure that the festival is successful as expected. They will also negotiate with the musicians on how much they will be paid. Some organizers also take care of the entourage of the musician, along with the accommodation and food.

Deciding on the succession planning

The music industry is a sophisticated, yet interesting field. Even though it is all about entertainment, it still needs professionalism when you are handling it. If you intend to exit the leadership of the music festival organizing business, you will need a suitable candidate to replace you. Before you start thinking about the succession planning, a business valuation will need to be undertaken. This helps to determine the value and state of the business, and its projection.

Who should you choose to replace you?

The succession plan candidate must be suitable enough to fit in the top seat of the business. If you want to keep the business within the family, you must choose a replacement who is well-qualified. The music industry is filled with many young folks, so the candidate must be young enough. You must also choose one who is deeply rooted in the music industry, who has a lot of connections. In the music field, you will be more successful when you have many links. Ensure that you choose the right person to keep the business active enough.

Relevance of the music industry business

One thing about the music industry is that it is well-paying. You do not need to spend a lot of time advertising about the musician that you intend to bring in a musical festival. If you choose a well-known artist, things will be easier since the fans already know about the musician’s songs. Also, the fans show up in huge numbers, which is a great way of making a lot of money in a single show. You will still be enjoying the entertainment at the concert as money streams in from the fans.

To make your business more successful after you exit, you will need to carry out a proper succession planning. This allows you to pick the perfect candidate to take care of your business. Also, when you know about the value of your business, it will be easier to find the perfect replacement to carry the mantle.

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Traveling in Brisbane – What to Expect

Brisbane could easily be referred to as the gem of the Sunshine State – an exciting travel destination whose booming tourism sector continues to attract tourists from all corners of the world. On arrival at the airport, you are welcomed by the elegant buildings that dot the city’s skyline, adding a unique yet rustic touch to the city. The laid back yet eclectic culture of the city comes alive when you attend one of the city’s most fascinating events, the Brisbane International Youth Music Festival. If you are looking for live entertainment, great performances and overall an amazing experience, perhaps it is time you checked out the Australian Music Festival, a detailed list of some of the most invigorating events in the country.

Attractions in Brisbane

Apart from the live events, one of the most amazing attractions in Brisbane is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The sanctuary is the largest of its kind in the city, and accommodates some of Australia’s most famous marsupials, including the koalas and the kangaroos. This is a perfect destination for the family, so make beautiful memories in Brisbane. What’s more, the sanctuary’s proximity to Brisbane airport at just about 16 miles makes it an alluring travel plan.

Alternatively, make your way to the cultural centre, a place whose pulsating energy draws you to experience more of Australia’s charm. Whether you would like to visit the Art Gallery, or head to the library, the iconic Cultural Centre is the place to be. Other attractions that you can look out for in Brisbane include the Botanical Gardens that offers sweeping views of the city, Queen Street Mall for all your retail therapy needs as well as the iconic Story Bridge. The steel bridge is testament to excellent workmanship, and it offers just about everyone an opportunity to soak in uninterrupted views of the cityscapes.

Brisbane Airports

For those willing to travel across the city’s diverse attractions, it makes sense to use any airport in the city. Brisbane Airport is the main international airport operational in the city, and ranks as one of the busiest airports in the country. With both domestic and international terminals, traveling through Brisbane is actually a memorable experience.

What’s more, you get to enjoy seamless airport transfer Brisbane. There are multiple companies which offer these services, and all that is required from you is to make advance bookings to facilitate the transfer from the airport to your choice hotel. You have the choice of any of the following: shuttle services, complimentary airport transfer (this is dependent on your choice hotel), cabs and even limos for those who do not mind getting premium services at a cost.

Other airports that you could use in Brisbane include Sunshine Coast and Archerfield Airport. The latter is your go-to airport when you need to indulge in a wide range of aviation activities, or simply want to enjoy professional airport transfer in Brisbane before heading on to other popular cities in the land down under. Whichever the choice, you can be sure that beautiful Brisbane does await your visit.

big day out 2014

Must See 2015 Music Festivals in Australian Cities

Is Music Festival becoming most Australian expensive hobby?

We’ll if you are a fan of music festival surely you familiar “Big Day Out”.

The Big Day Out is one of the most popular music festivals in the world. That draws the cream of international artists and Australian bands and more than 400,000 fans all over the world come together to witness this particular festival.

Here are some list of music festival that will be held in Aussie this year:

Bass in the Grass (NT), 23 May
Bass in the Grass is the Northern Territory’s largest music festival, held in tropical Darwin. The event sends the Top End into a frenzy with big acts as well as local talent, encompassing rock, indie and contemporary hip hop music.

Bleach* Festival (QLD), 6 – 22 March
Bleach* Festival is an arts and music Festival that celebrates the Gold Coast’s Beach Culture. The Festival program is a feast of contemporary live music, pop up art installations and exhibitions, outdoor programs, street parties, theatre, and ideas.

Brisbane Baroque (QLD), 10 – 18 April
Listen to a range of diverse and unique performers celebrating the music of the 17th and 18th centuries, the only music festival to do so in Australia.