A photography guide to music festivals

shooting music festival - party photo booth

Music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza are so hip and popular to the youth and music fans all over the world. Thanks to social media, music festival fashion has been the rage as well. The most popular celebrities are often snapped during these events, thus, enticing more people to want to go to such festivals. A party photo booth would be ideal in any music festival, as they shall just enter the booth to have an instant memento of their time in the event. It’s also a form of documentation of who went there and how much fun they had jamming to the most popular artists in the world.

The power of social media

When people go to these musical festivals, they usually know that pictures are going to be taken whether by professional event photographers, a party photo booth, or even just by their buddies for them to post on social media. In this case, festival goers make sure that their outfits are extremely trendy and worthy of a picture. Many attendees also see music festivals as a fashion feast where they can showcase their best outfits. A lot of models are present during these events as well; therefore, non-celebrity attendees try their best to measure up to the superstars.

For those events that don’t have the luxury of a party photo booth, festival goers can just opt for their trusty smart phones and filter apps. This is the easiest way to document the event for their personal consumption. For the best photos, they must make sure that the area is well-lit and that their cameras are secure enough to avoid theft and possible damage. The trusty selfie stick could also be handy especially if they want to get crowd shots or selfies while they are in the mosh pit. Also, attendees should always carry a powerbank so that they could charge their phones even when they are on the go.

Get in the booth!

For the party photo booth at the music festival, attendees should feel free to play with the props and also, take into consideration the other many guests who also want to take photos inside as well. Some guests hog the booth and take three or four photos – and this takes time. For those event organizers who want to avail of the service, they can also customize the frame and the booth background to their liking.

Another tip for those who want to take the perfect pictures at the music festival is that they should just keep it casual. Overly posed or calculated photos make for insincere looking pictures. For those lurking at social media posts, they would want to feel the essence of the musical festival even while they’re just looking at them. A party photo booth is the best way to capture the fun they’re having, as its fast and they could get the pictures in an instant. It’s truly “no filter” photos that make everyone feel like they’re having a blast.

Know why you’re there

Lastly, for those attending the musical festival, they must be there to enjoy the music and the moment – and not just take photos for everyone to see. Sometimes, a visit to the party photo booth will do as you’ll be spending most of the time listening to their favorite bands playing the hottest hits. Also, they must put their comfort on top of the list, as they’ll be spending a lot of time standing up and dancing around the grounds. Whether it’s for a photo or not, all festival goers must make it a point to keep the fun going and to keep the fun in their hearts.