Why having quality DJ equipment is important for music festivals

music festival dj

If you’re a DJ struggling to get hired, you might want to take a look at your DJ equipment. At the end of the day, music festivals are looking for those who are most qualified for the job, and that also means they are prepared to invest a lot of money into their equipment.

Furthermore, having top-notch equipment and even a backup if something goes wrong will minimize the risks and ensure that everyone gets to have a great time at the festival. If you provide your employers with a list of all the equipment you’re planning to use, you have a higher chance of scoring the job, making sure to pay special attention to any specific requests.

The things you need

First off, you should start with a mixing table. If you’re not going to be watching over it at all times, make sure it has some kind of a locking mechanism so it’s safe and secure. While having a lot of equipment is great for versatility benefits, it will certainly make things harder from a logistics perspective, because when all is said and done, you’re still probably going to be the one who’s going to have to be carrying it around.

A lot of DJ’s nowadays opt to go with an SSD drive rather than the regular hard-drive to store their data, because they tend to be less susceptible to being damaged by the sound vibrations.

Finally, you’re probably going to need some floodlights and fridges, depending on the type of the event you’re going to attend. Because you’re likely to encounter a very noisy supply of power, it’s a good idea to also take some surge protection with you.

Having a dust cover makes all the difference

This is especially important if the music festival is going to take place outdoors where people generate a lot of dust while dancing in the mud. If it gets on your keyboard, it could damage it, that’s why it’s important to protect them against it. Even if you’re going to be located in a tent, that will probably not prevent the particles from filling up the space.

Imagine an important piece of the equipment like your keyboard failing you in the midst of all the action. Not a pretty scenario, is it? And when you don’t need the CD tray, it’s a good idea to seal it up with some tape, because optical lenses don’t take kindly to dust.

The quality of your music files

Having high-quality music files is on the same level of importance as having quality hardware, because the weakest link in the chain will determine the final quality of the output. If at all possible, try to go for the lossless FLAC quality, otherwise make sure that the quality is at least 320 kbps if you’re going with mp3’s.

If you want to ensure that you get hired for the gig instead of someone else, it’s important to pay special attention to the points discussed in this article. Apart from that, make sure to show up early in order to have enough time to prepare your equipment. Having enough time on your hands also lessens the chance of accidentally breaking an important piece of your equipment in a rush.